Save on Produce – Start a Garden Exchange

Save on Produce – Start a Garden Exchange


Spending too much on produce? Or perhaps your garden yielded an overabundance of a particular fruit or vegetable and you are tired of eating tomatoes every night for dinner? Instead of leaving a bag of zucchini on the neighbor’s doorstep and running, get creative and start a garden exchange!

A garden exchange is something people have been doing for many years. You can plan a garden exchange before the first plant goes into the ground, or after you discover you have too much of a good thing coming in all at once.

“Hmmm sounds great” you may be thinking, but how does a garden exchange really work? Well it is actually very simple. Your first step is to find a number of like-minded people who would like to exchange their plethora of harvest. If your plants are already in the ground or the harvest is rolling in, you may better be able to judge just how many people you can reasonably exchange with. If you have not yet planted, select a few produce items that you are really great at growing or that you think you could grow well. The same for the other the like-minded gardeners you have found. The idea is diversification, so everyone isn’t exchanging tomatoes or peppers all at the same time.

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