Roasted Beet Dip

Roasted Beet Dip

Roasted Beet Dip-5

Infused with aromatic herbs and spices and roasted garlic, this roasted beet dip is flavorful, colorful and oh-so addictive!

Roasting is my favorite way of cooking beets. In my opinion, this simple and effortless method brings out the best flavors in beets.

Speaking of flavor, we’ll be mixing bunch of aromatic spices together for this dip. Think: cumin, coriander, chili powder! Can you smell these?? Ahhh, so good!

Together with cilantro and dill, this dip is overloaded with flavors. A touch of lemon juice is added for brightness, and a drizzle of olive oil for smoothness. I also added some walnuts for a little bit of texture. Splendid!!

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