Things to Consider Before Making Purchase of Outdoor Blinds

Things to Consider Before Making Purchase of Outdoor Blinds

Closed window with brown blinds from outside
Closed window with brown blinds from outside

Outdoor blinds can be a great way to accentuate the aesthetics of your home, while protecting you from heat, rain, and dust. These blinds are suitable for both domestic and for commercial purposes. They are easily washable and their colors do not fade. The costs can vary depending on whether these blinds are manually operated or are they motorized ones.

Consider the material before you buy

  1. The material of the blinds

Traditionally, outdoor blinds were available in PVC only. However, these days, blinds are available in all sorts of materials. PVC and fabric remain the most popular of the lot though, due to their durability and aesthetics. Both PVC and fabric blinds are available in clear finish, tinted finish, and opaque finish, depending on whether you want complete privacy in your outdoors or not. The best part is that neither do these outdoor blinds obstruct external visibility, nor do they compromise with your privacy. They can also be combined with sunscreens and sunroofs, and they can be set along with pelmets if you want a more customized form altogether.

How do they withstand weather conditions?

 The material of the blinds that you choose also depends on the prevalent weather conditions.

  • If you experience extremely harsh weather conditions, PVC may be your best bet.
  • While fabric blinds are manufactured using the welding technique, they still cannot withstand tough weather conditions as well as the vinyl ones.
  • If you experience mild weather conditions though, you can opt for fabric outdoor blinds, and even the ones made from cotton fabric.
  1. Know the area you want to use the blinds in
  • You need to determine the area you want to use the blinds in. For example, straight drop blinds are best suited for protecting your walls and decorative posts from tracking. They are also great for pathways.
  • Wire-guided outdoor blinds on the other hand are suitable for smaller areas, where there isn’t much space to secure the blinds at the bottom.
  • Similarly, there are sealed blinds, which are completely sealed on the sides. Sealed outdoor blinds are perfect for areas such as your patio, where you might want to completely block the weather elements, and if you have kids playing in the patio, then also you can install these outdoor blinds.
  1. Consider the operating system of the blinds

The higher your budget, the more convenient blinds you can opt for.

  • Motorized blinds, which are the most modern variety, are the most convenient of the lot. They can be operated through remotes, and a touch of a button is all it takes to roll them up or down.
  • At the other end of the spectrum are blinds with cord and pulley operation. These blinds are operated with the help of a cord, or they can also be rolled up by hand.
  • Between the two extremes lie the roller blinds with gear box operation, and the ones with spring loaded mechanism.
  • Spring loaded blinds allow for quick and easy operation, without the expensive price of motorized blinds.
  1. Striped, or solid?


Striped blinds are suitable for traditional homes, while modern homes benefit from blinds in solid colors, given their minimalistic aesthetic. Calm and neutral tones are the go-to option for most people, since they go well with most color themes. However, you could add a pop-look to your abode with outdoor blinds in bright colors. They would especially look good in summer time. Retro-style homes of the 1950s and 60s also use some of the most common neutral colors for their blinds.

Good for protection against weather conditions, for privacy, and also for lowering your energy use, outdoor blinds can be great for sprucing up your home. Visit this link and get more tips on before making purchase the outdoor blinds.

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