Trip to Elbow Lake

Fern at Elbow Lake
Fern at Elbow Lake

I wanted to share some photo’s from my last trip to Elbow Lake.  If you are looking for a vacation check us out at Creekside Cabin or End of the Road Cabin. Mention this blog and get a discount!

Anyway, I was up for a 24 hour trip a couple of weeks ago and I am just sitting down to process the images. I always take my camera and try to get out at least once to take some photography. Here’s what we got this trip!

I was walking in the woods and saw this cool rock framing this fern.


Fern at Elbow Lake
Fern at Elbow Lake

This plant was growing up on Elbow Lake Lodge. I loved the new growth and the brilliant colors!

plant at elbow lake lodge

There is so much to see when you go out on walks in the woods. This is a baby fern I stumbled upon.

Fern at elbow lake

Almost everywhere you look, there is life. Plants grow out of nearly anything in the woods. Check out where these guys got planted:

ferns in rock crack


On this trip to Elbow Lake, I walked by some really pretty ground covers as well.

IMG_5604web IMG_5610web

This ground cover is actually some small blueberry plants growing up out of moss.

blueberry plants in moss

I don’t know what this is called, but it is a red berry and I don’t think you can eat this one. If you know what this is, please let me know in the comments below. IMG_5618web

One of my favorites is the moss and lichen that grow on everything! Look at the variety I saw on this walk:

lichen lichen lichen

The moss at Elbow Lake is incredible too. I am always amazed on how it finds places to grow. Here’s some taking advantage of a tree branch to get some light.

moss at elbow lake IMG_5674web

Here are some other great pictures from the trip to Elbow Lake. Make sure you check out our rental cabins and stay with us!

IMG_5675web IMG_5679web IMG_5685web IMG_6017_8_tonemappedweb

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