Zucchini Ricotta Tart

Zucchini Ricotta Tart

Light and crispy puff pastry smeared with creamy herby ricotta and topped with fresh zucchini slices. Light and satisfying!

Zucchini Ricotta Tart-1

Zucchini is the star of the show today. I bet you have a fresh zucchini hidden somewhere in your fridge. It seems to me that everyone gets zucchini this time around. It’s such a staple in the garden. If you haven’t planted them, your neighbor probably did. Or something like that, right?

Today’s zucchini ricotta tart is inspired by Ina Garten’s “Make It Ahead” cookbook. I say “inspired”, because I changed a lot of things in the original recipe, from crust to the filling, but I was truly inspired by the simplicity and beauty of the dish.

There is nothing like a pie crust from scratch, but I opted to use frozen puff pastry for my tart. 1. It’s effortless. 2. It saves a lot of time. 3. And it’s equally crispy and light!

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