Thai Curry Chicken Naan Bread Pizzas

Thai Curry Chicken Naan Bread Pizzas


I sure do love pizza, but I sure do not like to wait for the dough to rise.  Ben is actually chief pizza-man around these parts, and he really makes a mean pizza dough recipe (he wants to share it here on the blog, what do you think?  Does the internet need yet another pizza dough recipe?)

So weeknight pizza options have always been:  Ben makes the pizza dough (and we wait for the darn thing to rise), or we buy some pizza dough from the Italian deli (which is a 15-minute drive away).  Or we order pizza from the place at the end of our road (how dangerous is that?!)

Now a new option emerges: use naan bread (or any flat bread for that matter), and have pizza on our plates in under 20 minutes!

Get the recipe here!

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