Pulled Honey-Lime Chicken Sandwiches with Corn & Cabbage Slaw

Pulled Honey-Lime Chicken Sandwiches with Corn & Cabbage Slaw (Slow Cooker)

Pulled Chicken Sandwiches with Corn & Cabbage Slaw-FG

Well, since it’s still summer (yes, pumpkin everything on Pinterest, you can just go away.  We are still enjoying corn and berries here in summer-land), and I plan on enjoying it to its fullest!

So here’s a ridiculously easy summery sandwich for us!

This sandwich is SO easy.  All you really need to do is cook up some fresh corn, cut up some cabbage and cilantro, and toss everything in a tangy lime vinaigrette.  It’s really that simple.

Load up a nice, soft bun (I went for the good ones, as you can see) with the chicken, then the slaw.  And enjoy!

It’s light, and fresh, a little bit sweet from the honey-lime chicken and the corn, and a little bit tangy from the fresh lime in the slaw, with a nice crunch from the cabbage.

And ready in 20 minutes!  Holy cow, is that amazing or what!?

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