The Unmeasurable Losses of Inaction

The Unmeasurable Losses of Inaction

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I have wasted far too much in my life, running after useless trinkets, watching endless hours of moving pictures on a box that mean little to nothing in the scope of a real life lived, and preferring my own comfort over the genuine needs of others.

Not only as an American who thoughtlessly uses resources which are absent or precious in other parts of the world.  Not only because by the nature of sin I am selfish and, by entertaining and comforting my own self, I have wasted opportunities.

I have wasted so much time.  Even if I grant a measure of God’s grace towards me for the times of my life in which I endured suffering and losses, there is so much more that my life could have produced by the help of God.

Our greatest enemy is often NOT some metaphysical enemy or one that wears a different uniform than us, but simple inaction.

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