Pumpkin Protein Ice Cream (low carb)

Pumpkin Protein Ice Cream (low carb)


Let me start this post by saying I realize that the concept of protein ice cream is ridiculous. However it might appeal to some people (low carb or keto dieters) and I happen to like the taste of vanilla protein powder so….why not add it to my ice cream? That aside, I was craving a pumpkin, cinnamon-y type ice cream and thought I’d try to make my own low carb version by using a sweetener instead of sugar. I also have about 20 sugar free Torani syrups and thought I could use those for additional flavor. If you liked my Pumpkin Protein Smoothie, you’ll love this ice cream. Using frozen pumpkin, cream, spices and sweetener you can whip this up in minutes and eat it right away as a soft serve. Or you can freeze it for a harder type ice cream later.


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