Roasted Italian Zucchini

Roasted Italian Zucchini


I like this dish because it’s simple and it tastes a bit like pizza. I know that sounds crazy but the olive oil and garlic and oregano and basil and tomatoes combined taste reminiscent of pizza to me. Ok maybe I’m crazy. My mother used to make something similar to this every summer. I’m sure it was because she always had an insane amount of zucchini from the garden and it’s a quick and easy dish to make for  a family of 7. She would cut up a regular sized tomato, onion and zucchini and let the mixture stew away on the stove until it was  bit like ratatouille. I however, have become a huge fan of roasted grape tomatoes and like to use them in my Italian dishes. This side dish will not disappoint in flavor and you can make it more of a meal by adding rice, pasta or even eating it over fish or chicken. I just eat it as a side and I love to have the leftovers for lunch the next day. You can also take the leftovers, add broth and mini meatballs and have a delicious soup!


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