F&D Meat in Virginia, Minnesota

F&D Meats

Driving up to Lake Vermilion Area I always get fresh meat at F&D’s. I go to Creekside Cabin at Elbow Lake Lodge and End of the Road Cabin regularly and this is a must-stop in my opinion. By the way, if you are looking for things to do in the area, check out this page. 

One of my favorite places to stop on my trips back and forth from the cabin is F&D Meats in Virginia, Minnesota. The place is a total dive, but in a were-so-good-it-doesn’t-matter kind of way.

There is a certain smell that fresh and smoked meat gives off. Some of the best restaurants have it, and so does F&D’s. Make sure you buy your meats here for your vacation. The food is the best and the prices are cheap. I almost always get some bratwurst, jerky, and beef sticks when I drive each way.  But they have a lot more to offer than just that. Try one of their aged steaks for something different. This summer, we discovered their specialized brats. Our favorite was the Philly Cheese Steak brats.

F&D Meats

When you come into Virginia, you will come to the first stoplight in town. Turn right at this light and go about 4 blocks. There will be a stop sign and it is just on your right. Like I said, don’t look for anything fancy. To get back onto the freeway, leave their very small parking lot and head west. Go back through the stop sign intersection and follow that road to an on ramp back onto highway 53 north.

F&D Meats F&D Meats F&D Meats

You can also get some basic groceries and other items at F&D. I have turned this stop into a going up and coming home must. I stock up their steaks, jerky, sausages, and brats so I can have them at home too. Living in the Twin Cities, I have a lot of good choices near home. F&D’s compares favorably to most, and the prices are about half of what I pay in the cities.

If you miss this stop, that’s ok. Zups in Cook has a great butcher too.

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