Perpetual Green Tea Naturally Sweetened

Perpetual Green Tea Naturally Sweetened


I got this idea from a blog I follow Nourished Kitchen,  that makes perpetual bone broth. She makes it in a slow cooker and draws from it each day and then adds more water to get the most out of her chicken bones. She did this because her family drinks bone broth everyday for it’s health benefits. I have done this too with my bone broth but I just can’t seem to drink it on a daily basis so that wasn’t working for me at this time in my life. But I do drink a lot of iced green tea in the summer and I thought how nice it would be not to have to keep brewing it and cooling it everyday so I made some Perpetual Green Tea. I drank it and refilled it for about 5 days and it was delicious! I also sweetened it with stevia from my garden so it was ready to drink right from the jar.


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