How to use coffee grounds correctly on the garden

How to use coffee grounds correctly on the garden


The next time you finish your morning coffee, think twice before you throw away the grounds. Coffee grounds can enhance magic your garden, not necessarily in the ways you would expect. They do not provide abundant nitrogen and do not lower the soil pH much. But they can enrich your garden soil, compost pile and help in other ways.

Increases Plant Nutrition

Coffee grounds contain 2% of nitrogen, but plants can not use this until it breaks down. As these grounds decompose, the low nitrogen level in them, acts as long-acting fertilizer.
Coffee grounds also provide a healthy and slight dose of other basic nutrients like phosphorus and potassium, secondary nutrients like magnesium and copper of which potassium, magnesium and copper portions are used by plants right away.
Coffee grounds also contain calcium, manganese, zinc and iron, but the level of these nutrients is too low to have an effect on plant’s growth.

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