Blackened Shrimp for Tailgating with Spicee Gourmet


Blackened Shrimp for Tailgating with Spicee Gourmet

Tailgating season is off to a great start! I wish I could say the same about my Minnesota Vikings. I say “my” loosely because what you saw on Monday night is pretty much what we have come to expect up here and they wonder why we are all fair weather fans?!?! Anyway, the football may be mediocre, but the food is fantastic! Thank goodness it is almost hockey season. Today we are making a blackened shrimp for tailgating with Spicee Gourmet. You may not be able to count on your field goal unit for a good kick but you can count on this very simple spicy recipe.

Some people don’t like this this spicy, so I broke this recipe into two parts. One for blackened shrimp, and the other for a butter shrimp. this video shows how to make both:

Blackened Shrimp for Tailgating

All you need for this recipe is two ingredients. The Spicee Gourmet cajun spice and fresh shrimp. To blacken a meal, all you do is coat it in cajun spice and fry it on a very hot and dry pan. I find cast iron to be an excellent tool for this by the way.

Here’s an image of the Spicee Gourmet Cajun spice.

blackened shrimp

The first step is to take your fresh shrimp and make sure the shells are removed and they are deveined. Then, pour a small amount of cajun spice on a plate and roll the shrimp through it to cover the entire shrimp in cajun spice.

Heat a cast iron pan, or other pan, to very hight heat. Place the shrimp onto the pan and let them cook. You may notice some white steam coming off of the shrimp. This is normal. When the first side is cooked, flip and cook the other side. Make sure to cook the shrimp all the way through.

blackened shrimp blackened shrimp

Buttered Shrimp for Tailgating

Just like the blacked shrimp, you will need to heat a cast iron pan to very hot. Then brown some butter on the pan. Just as the butter starts to boil, place your shrimp on the pan turning after the first side is cooked. Make sure both sides are thoroughly cooked before serving.

buttered shrimp IMG_7983web shrimp

Both of these recipes are great recipes of shrimp for tailgating. Serve on a dish, or put toothpicks in each one.

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