Grilled Pheasant Tailgating Appetizer Recipe

Do you have any friends where you know that when you get together you are just going to laugh out loud? Doug is one of those guys. As a superintendent of school, professional fisherman, and coach, Doug has a wealth of stories to share. Doug will only eat meat he catches, which means he has a LOT of experience with wild game and fish. Of course, living in Minnesota can really help a guy like this out with a lot of game and 10,000 lakes to pull fish out of. We challenged Doug to make us something we can grill for a tailgating appetizer recipe and he delivered with bacon wrapped pheasant. Watch our video below.

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Yesterday, Doug went out and got some birds for us. In this video, he is going to show us how to cut up the meat, wrap them in bacon, marinate them, and grill them to perfection. Here’s the video: The full instructions are below.

To make the Grilled Pheasant Tailgating Appetizer Recipe you will need the following ingredients:

  • Pheasant (each pheasant will produce 16-20)
  • Bacon (1 slice for every two pheasant bites)
  • Marinade (We used Lawry’s Teriyaki and a herb and garlic but you can use any one you like.  In fact, we would suggest using some of rubs.)
  • Toothpicks


First, dress your bird and filet the breasts. Then cut the meat into cubes.

pheasant for appetizer recipe

Cubed pheasant breast and thigh.

Then, wrap it in bacon and marinate it. You can either marinate the pheasant first, or wrap it in bacon first. Either is fine.

Pheasant Tailgating Appetizer Recipe

Herb Seasoning

Pheasant Tailgating Appetizer Recipe

Teriyaki Seasoning

Grill on medium to high heat. Turn regularly to cook evenly.

Pheasant Tailgating Appetizer Recipe

Grilling the pheasant

Serve your pheasant hot. Place them on a tray or serve them on individual plates. They make an awesome appetizer for your next tailgating party. If you don’t like pheasant, you could also try chicken or other poultry.

IMG_8517webPheasant Tailgating Appetizer RecipePheasant Tailgating Appetizer RecipePheasant Tailgating Appetizer RecipePheasant Tailgating Appetizer RecipePheasant Tailgating Appetizer RecipePheasant Tailgating Appetizer Recipe