Scotch Pancakes

Scotch Pancakes

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When I first moved to England, I had a terrible time finding breakfast I liked.  Breakfast in the UK is very different than American breakfast.  The sweet things we eat for breakfast are served as desserts or with afternoon tea in Britain and I longed for American pancakes.  Every time we went out to breakfast, I was always disappointed.  Then on a trip to London, we ordered breakfast to our hotel room and on the menu was scotch pancakes.  I’d never tried them before and thought the description sounded close enough.  When they arrived, I was surprised to see they were mini pancakes, but small as they were, they were light and fluffy and the closest thing I’d seen to an American pancake.  They came with butter and jam and they were delicious.

This recipe from Erren’s Kitchen for Scotch Pancakes (also known as drop scones) makes light and fluffy mini pancakes. Serve them stacked high with warm jam and extra fruit.  This dish is perfect for breakfast in bed or a served for brunch. read more

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