Growing A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Growing A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Fiddle Leaf Fig pin ~

Have you noticed this beautiful tropical houseplant that is tall and skinny with really large leaves. The fiddle leaf fig tree or Ficus Lyrata is becoming very popular in home decorating, and as I continue to set up my home office, I felt it really needed such a dramatic beauty. I ordered one online.

The first thing I did after it arrived was set it in the bathtub, and give it a good drink of water. I had read that this plant, like so many others, likes to be watered thoroughly, until you see water draining out the bottom, and then make sure that it doesn’t sit in the water. So while it was draining I took a damp cloth and wiped down the leaves. The newer ones on top really didn’t need much, but some of the older leaves were pretty dusty.

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