Benefits of Online TESOL Training in the IT Industry

Benefits of Online TESOL Training in the IT Industry


As technology advances so do the opportunities we are given when it comes to education and learning. At one point in time it was only possible to learn a language such as English from the view-point of a classroom, on a campus that could be hundreds of miles away from where you live. This would require you to move to a rented accommodation on campus which would soon have the bills stacking up and the money coming out of your bank. Even if you lived within a certain distance of the campus you would still be expected to pay daily bus fares, train fares or petrol costs in order to get there and back.

However, in this remarkable digital age we are living in comes online education portals, where anyone can sign-up for a course and then learn it, achieve it and get qualified from the comfort of their own home.

Here are our top 5 benefits when training for a TESOL certification online.

Learn at a Flexible Rate

If you have a busy day job already, and are committed to several social activities throughout the week, whether it’s your own pleasures or your child’s then the online course from TESOL can be just what you are looking for.

As long as you are motivated enough to learn from the comfort of your own home this can help you get your qualification without having to attend a classroom, which for many busy people is a breath of fresh air.

Gain a Recognised Qualification

TESOL is one of the most recognised qualifications across the world with many governing bodies on-board with the certification. If you can pass this course then you will be unlocking several new opportunities that will present themselves to you.

Salary and Job Opportunities

These opportunities can help you get your foot into the door of big corporations and companies, help you to command a much higher salary, and in some cases it can help you achieve lifelong ambitions are teaching English in another country.

More Affordable

We briefly spoke about the costs involved with attending a classroom based TESOL course, well when it comes to an online course you only need a computer or laptop (which every household has these days), and a live internet connection (again, most households have these).

This means that you don’t need to shell out for fuel bills, rented accommodation or public transport costs. Instead you have the ability to learn and develop on your own with constant communication with your course teacher and other long-distance learners.

Qualified Teachers

When it comes to learning you want to be shown the ropes by the very best there is to offer and that’s why each TESOL teacher has undergone plenty of training and experience in their time. High qualified and experienced instructors are able to give you the very best support in order for you to develop and grasp the International language, and with a decent teacher-to-student ratio you will feel more like an individual than a number.

Get IT Opportunities Abroad

TESOL training online will make employers abroad confidently consider you for a job that requires you to interact with the clients or colleagues in English. It’s the third most common language on the planet, so the number of countries that would prefer you speak fluent English are staggering.


Being a part of and getting through the course of study makes you a part of a community of experienced and certified teachers. TESOL is a very vibrant community for professionals around the world, and being part of it will help you gain access to opportunities you may otherwise not have considered possible.


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