The Candied Sriracha Bacon Challenge is My Best Tailgating Recipe

candied sriracha bacon

You read the title right. CANDIED. SRIRACHA. BACON. It is very important that you make this at your next tailgating party. YOU COULD WIN a bottle of spices from! Your bacon will be the best tailgating recipe at your party. When news this good comes out, you’re just a jerk if you don’t share.

candied sriracha bacon

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The Contest and Your Challenge:

Use different spices (Tabasco? Pepper? Cajun?) and share them in the comments below. Whoever gets the most likes on their comment by the end of October 2015 will get a FREE BOTTLE OF SPICES from The best way to get likes is to share this article with your friends and ask them to like your recipe in the comments. Are you a blogger? We will give you a shoutout to our nearly 2,000,000 followers if you win!

Who is Spicee Gourmet you ask? Well, let’s just say they are “saving the world from boring meals … one good rub at a time.”

The rest of this article is easy:

1) I will explain why this is the best tailgating recipe ever.

2) I will demonstrate making this recipe

3) You adapt the recipe, share to get likes, and win.

Making Candied Bacon … the Best Tailgating Recipe.

It’s fatty –

The Bacon: I found that thick cut bacon works best. If the bacon is too thin the bacon fingers wont stand up in glasses, or be easy for guests to pick up. So consider thick cut bacon. Next, it needs to be baked between two baking sheets. The weight of a baking sheet on top of the bacon will hold the bacon flat. This is important for two reasons. First, it makes a nice flat bacon stick, and it keeps all of the bacon in the candied sugar as it cooks so the whole piece is coated.

It’s sweet –

The “Candied” part: Use brown sugar to candy your bacon. It works better and tastes better than white sugar. It is really simple. Just sprinkle a heavy coating of brown sugar on top of the bacon so that when it melts in the oven, it spreads all over between your baking trays.

It’s spicy –

Sriracha: I liberally drop Sriracha over my bacon. There is not a correct amount. It is for flavor only. The more you use, the spicier the bacon will be. This is where I want you to have some fun with this recipe. Go out and find some spices to flavor your bacon. It could be wet things like Tabasco, or dry things like cajun rub.

It’s a freeking dip too! –

Don’t forget, you can also have dipping sauces for the finished bacon fingers! Make a flight and impress your tailgating party friends.

Candied Sriracha Bacon … The Best Tailgating Recipe Demonstrated:

Start by taking out two baking sheets. Make sure they nest together. The bottom one needs to have a lip so it doesn’t loose all of the brown sugar when it melts. I put parchment paper on the bottom just to make cleaning easier.

Lay out the bacon. Sprinkle on the brown sugar and Sriracha.


candied bacon sriracha
Your uncooked bacon should look something like this.

Place another piece of parchment paper on top and nest the other baking sheet on top to hold the bacon flat. Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes. Then start checking the bacon. It may take longer. There is a fine line between cooking the bacon and burning the sugar so keep an eye on it. The picture below is perfectly cooked to give you an idea of what it should look like.

candied sriracha bacon
Notice how a little sugar burnt on the pan but not on the bacon. This is about perfect.

It is kind of hard to pull these off of the pan while they are hot because they are really sticky. So, let them cool until they are warm. Then take them off. If you let them cool too far, they get hard and stick to the paper. Just check them every few minutes. You will know when to take them off. Once removed, they can cool to room temperature … if they last that long.

I personally like to cut them in half. It seems like a better size to eat at a tailgating party.

I added some #baconporn and a picture with a creepy owl below for you to share:

candied bacon best tailgating recipe

Good Luck! Enjoy! And don’t forget to share your recipes with us below!

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