Customize Your Window Blinds to Suit All Your Interior Decor

Customize Your Window Blinds to Suit All Your Interior Decor


Window blinds are a general term used to describe slats which are put together in a frame and are either opened or closed as required. With custom window blinds, you have the facility to choose from different frames, slats, channels, colors, designs, and even materials.

  • You can choose from the oak, mahogany and the pinewood window blinds, or you can also customize a mix and match combination with the aluminum and steel blinds for adding an extra edge to your home or office.
  • There are a number of manufacturers who make special blinds as per the choice of the user. These blinds can be made in a wide range of material ranging from wood, bamboo, fabric or in a range of synthetic materials.
  • In many cases the dealers or manufacturers will visit the site where the blinds have to be installed and give their suggestion as to which type will serve the purpose the user intends it for.

Varieties of window blinds to choose from

Choosing the right variety of window blinds can be quite mind boggling at times as it is not limited to choosing the type of material, color or design but also the method of operation i.e. manual or motorized. Window blinds are available as roller blinds, vertical blinds, venetian blinds and wooden blinds, just to mention a few.

  • Roller blinds made of natural or synthetic fiber, can be used as custom window blinds for complementing your entire home décor. They are less costly, and are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Vertical blinds as the very name implies is a blind which is fitted with thick strips of fabric to a frame, a lever which is fitted to an assembly on top of the frame either closes or opens these strips, they are used mostly for larger windows.
  •  Wooden blinds are another option where the slats are made of wood or with thin strips of bamboo which are woven together; these blinds are eco-friendly and they do not emit any toxic fumes or gas, as they are not treated with synthetic chemicals.
  • Venetian blinds are the oldest type of blinds which regulate the amount of light filtering into the rooms, and they also allow for greater air circulation and also retain your privacy.

Benefits of custom window blinds

Custom made windows have many advantages over readymade blinds, the first one being that you can choose the type of blind you want. Some roller blinds are available with fire resistant fabric so that in case of a fire accident, normal fabric which catches fire easily and may also spread the fire to other parts can be prevented to a certain extent. These types of blinds which are fitted with fabric can have eye catching paintings, murals or any other kind of art work done on them which beautify the appearance of the room; moreover since the fabric is rolled into a tight roll on one side, unlike curtains they will not flap with the breeze. Blinds with aluminium slats are also available which not only provide privacy but can also protect valuable items kept in the room.

Since window blinds not only have a functional role but also enhance the appearance of the room, they can be designed in a manner which blends with the décor of the room. Custom made window blinds speak for themselves as visitors coming into the room can have a glimpse of the owners taste and style. Readymade blinds which are used in many places look repetitive whereas a custom made window blind can easily be procured from reputed online retailers, who manufacture and design window blinds according to your color choice and also depending on your budget for buying and installation of the blind. Do some research online and get the best custom window blind s for your home!

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