Homemade Honeycrisp Apple Crisp

Homemade Honeycrisp Apple Crisp

apple crisp

Honeycrisp apples are the sweetest, most delicious fall fruit. My boys can’t get enough.¬†Imagine my surprise when I found my teenage sons in the kitchen whipping up a pan of homemade honeycrisp apple crisp.

Simple and easy. The hardest part is coring the apples. It’s amazing what kind of help you can get in the kitchen when you’re cooking assistants know what the prize is.

The apple crisp crumb topping is crumbly and sweet. It’s a great complement to warm, cinnamon-spiced cooked apples.

Honeycrisp apples are my favorite because they are sweet and juicy and go great in any pie, tart or crisp. Be sure to check out my Rustic Apple Crumble Tart and Honeycrisp Apple Quesadillas for more delicious honeycrisp apple recipes.

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