Leftover Halloween Candy Chocolate Bark

Leftover Halloween Candy Chocolate Bark

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Even as a kid, I wasn’t all that wild about Halloween. I can’t take the pressure of coming up with a novel or creative costume idea! And if it’s not going to be novel or creative, then the next option is something funny or clever. Too. much. pressure.

Basically, the exact opposite of this Leftover Halloween Candy Chocolate Bark. This is a no pressure, super simple candy. Melt chocolate, swirl it with more chocolate, and top it with chopped candy bars. Boom. That’s it. It’s festive, it’s delicious, and it uses up leftover Halloween candy. We bought 3 large bags from Sam’s Club that amounted to about 450 pieces, so we are SET over here. I had plenty to spare in the making of this bark, and it’s not even Halloween yet.

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You likely will have leftover candy following October 31st, and this is a fun way to use it up! It’s obviously an extremely versatile recipe too, so you can suit it to your fancy.

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Chocolate bark topped with assorted leftover Halloween candy! An easy way to use up leftover candy bars! Get the RECIPE!!

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