Crushing the Rut – Breaking out of a rut

breaking out of a rut
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breaking out of a rutHow many times do you find yourself stuck in a rut? Not because it is particularly good or healthy, but because it is easy. One of the biggest lies is that ruts are productive and safe. Being comfortable becomes an alternative to change, adaptation, and growth. When was the last time you saw somebody who was truly inspiring say “well, that’s the way we have always done it?” This week, we are breaking the rut. It’s a journey we don’t really know where we will be led because from inside the rut, it is hard to see or even imagine other possibilities. Today, we are talking about breaking out of a rut.

C.S. Lewis addressed this issue on a theological level:

“If we insist on keeping Hell (or even earth) we shall not see Heaven: if we accept Heaven we shall not be able to retain even the smallest and most intimate souvenirs of Hell.”
C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce

What is C.S. Lewis talking about? At a less theological level, we have a choice in our lives. We can stay in our hellish rut, or we can pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and never look back. When we choose to stay in a rut, we are choosing death by a thousand paper cuts. It’s a long, slow, and painful process. Join us as we crush our own ruts, and be in community with us as we do it. Let’s wage this war together.

I was inspired to write this series with my wife after digesting one of the most inspiring weekends we have ever had as a couple at IZEAfest 2015. For the first time in my adult life, I saw a true “Community of Practice” and understood the potential of what we are doing. As with all change, the path is often more convoluted than the destination. So where should we start? We decided on two things: Getting rid of … I mean DESTROYING the extra clutter and “noise” in our life, and a reaffirmation on the most important thing: Relationships.

The first day back from IZEAfest, I spent 7 hours unsubscribing from emails. I was getting 4-600 emails per day. This weekend, I didn’t clean out my inbox and I only had 50. I could literally feel the weight lifting off of my shoulders … and I’m not done either.

Second, after we put the kids to bed, we are spending one hour together without phones, tv, or anything else to distract us. We have 4 kids and they are all in sports and activities. One hour per day clear of distractions might just be the ticket.

Listen to us live and be our guest. Blab is platform where you are the guest. It’s social media 2.0. Finally a “social” media that lets you have the most “social” part of interacting; conversation. If you missed us live, you can catch us here below.

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