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Tailgating S’mores Beer

We’re having another tailgating party. That’s right, every Thursday at 3:30 Central time, we are hosting a tailgating blab where YOU are the guest. Join in the conversation. Tell us your favorite team, and let’s kick off the tailgating for the weekend. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #its330somewhere and #330isthenew5! ¬†Last week, we hosted our first ever blab with Nick Evens from Machismo. This week we have something else in mind, so read the directions below carefully:

Every week we have a special guest and a demonstration.

This weeks demonstration is interactive. You have a very important list of items to bring:

  1. Headphones so you can join the blab without feedback.
  2. A dark beer
  3. Marshmallow
  4. Graham crackers
  5. Chocolate chips.

We are going to demonstrate how to make a S’mores beer live. You read that right, it’s a s’mores beer!¬†Hopefully, if all goes well, you and I will be loving one of these babies by 4:00 or so.

smores beer blab

We also have a special guest lined up and we will be talking football and tailgating. So make sure to join us this and every Thursday at 3:30 centeral on blab.

Join us live at this address. Or watch us below now and in the future.

For more tailgating, please check out our tailgating recipe page here.

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