Why Bloggers Should Work Together | Daily Tips Episode 1

why bloggers should work together
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why bloggers should work together

This is episode one of a Periscope series on social media and blogging tips. We will cover everything from how to start a blog to advanced tips and tricks. Each of these episodes is broadcast on Periscope. You can find us at https://www.periscope.tv/dan330msp. Today’s episode is on why bloggers should work together.

What is Periscope you ask? It’s a live streaming platform where you can broadcast yourself. As of now, it keeps your broadcast for 24 hours and then drops it. So, we record it, send it to drop box, cut off the first few minutes where people are joining us, and then upload it to Youtube. One very cool thing about periscope is that you can ask questions and give hearts to the person who is speaking. So, make sure you download the app, follow us (Dan330msp) and interact with us live!

Today’s broadcast is episode one and we are talking about why bloggers should work together. I give four reasons:

  1. Share each others social media reach
  2. Help solve each others problems and questions
  3. Hear about opportunities faster
  4. To form community. This is a huge part of being a successful blogger. Let me explain why below:


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