DIY Easy Custom Bulletin Board

DIY Easy Custom Bulletin Board

DIY Easy Custom Bulletin Board feature

I’m still working on my home office which I’m sure will be an ongoing process. One of the things I really needed was a place to tack up my notes. Little reminders, special numbers like my hex numbers, checklists etc. Currently I have been hanging papers on the wall with washi tape in front of my computer. Though I’m glad I found a use for the washi tape, as it has become somewhat of an impulse buy, however, it looks pretty bad. So I set out to make a bulletin board. One that would fit in this space so it needed to be short in height and long in width. Something around 12 inches high and 3 to 4 feet wide. Ready made bulletin boards are typically not that size, so I set out to make one. Here’s the tutorial for my DIY easy custom bulletin board. READ MORE

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