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Tasty Food Live is a weekly show on Blab where you are the guest. We are jumping into the live streaming medias and now you can be part of the show. Each week we try to have a special guest and a food demonstration. So make sure you follow @chrisashbach on (link here) to join in on our series live or watch them again here on our blog.┬áToday’s show is hosted by Chris Ashbach and we are demonstrating how to make jalapeno butter and then using it to make “The Leviathan” sandwich. You can get the full recipe here too.

In last weeks episode we made a s’mores beer. For more s’mores recipes, you can go to our s’mores page. Now, on to this weeks show:

CTpV9AHVEAAXLtfMaking butter is very easy. You just need cream and a little muscle. In the demonstration above, we chopped up 1/2 of a jalapeno and placed it into a mason jar. Then we filled the mason jar up about 1/3 of the way with heavy whipping cream. After about 10 minutes of shaking the cream will turn into whipped cream. Keep shaking. It is about to separate into butter and butter milk. The butter separate out and usually forms a large ball that can be scooped out.

The fun thing with this recipe is the jalapenos give the butter a little bit of a spice flavor. It balances very well and can add a fresh taste to your meal. We used the butter to make the grilled cheese sandwiches that were the top and bottom bun of the Leviathan.

Join us for another show next week at 3:30 central. Nick will be back, we have special guest and we are talking all things bacon. So grab a slab of bacon, a good beer and we’ll see you Thursday.



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