Why Live Streaming Will Be Taking Over Social Media | Episode 2

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Welcome to the second episode of our Daily Tips Periscope “why live streaming will be taking over social media.” If you are new to Periscope and and trying to figure this whole thing out, this article might be helpful to you. Today, I am talking about why live streaming will be taking over social media. You can listen to the scope below and search around this series to get more great “daily tips” on blogging, social media and entrepreneurship. Otherwise, make sure to follow me live on Periscope at @dan330msp or @chrisashbach.

On to the show … I am going to give you four reasons live streaming will be taking over social media. Let’s face it, maybe social media is too narrow. It is going to take on the whole darn internet soon enough. ┬áIn this episode of why live streaming will be taking over the internet, I give the following four points for you to consider. I explain each one more in depth in the video if you want more information.

  1. Live streaming is taking over social media because it is more personal. You can see me talking and it provides a much richer experience than written word. This creates a deeper relationship between the blogger and reader.
  2. Live streaming allows for live interaction with viewers. In Periscope, you can give hearts when you like something and you can ask questions while the speaker is talking. This is much faster than leaving comments on a blog post and most live streamers are happy to address your question live.
  3. Live Streaming offers a richer exchange. It brings in the most social part of being human into social media. That is speaking and conversation. People want relationships with real people, not websites or platforms. Live streaming helps develop those relationships.
  4. You become your brand, not your account or blog. When you become the brand, you are somewhat more insulted from changing social media platforms and changing SEO algorithms.

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