Easy Caramel Corn

Easy Caramel Corn

This Easy Caramel Corn post is a guest blogger submission.

Easy Caramel Corn

I’ll admit, we’re the people that buy that Chicago mix cheese/caramel corn giant bag of popcorn and then fight over the caramel portion.  I kind of like the combo of the cheese and caramel popcorn, but if I’m completely honest, I buy it for the caramel corn.  If there was no cheese popcorn at all, I’d probably be pretty happy.

But – this is so stinking easy to make that I may not be tempted by that bag again.  Well, probably not.  I’ll keep you posted.

This recipe makes a giant batch of popcorn, and it really is very simple.  Boil a few ingredients for 5 minutes, pour it over popcorn and stir, and then bake for an hour.  That’s it.  So easy.  And it makes a ton.

easy caramel corn

Caramel corn that is easy to make and tastes fantastic.  The perfect snack or gift for the holidays!

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