Stunning and Affordable Ideas For a Kitchen Makeover

Stunning and Affordable Ideas For a Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen Facelift

Kitchen is considered to be the hearth and also the heart of your house. So when you go for a kitchen makeover, you must ensure that it is both affordable and multi-functional. By creating a combination of pastel and dark shades, encouraging proper lighting supply and kitchen resurfacing methods, you can get the best and affordable kitchen makeover, if you can consult some reputed companies.

How to conduct a grand makeover for kitchen cabinets?

CABINETS: Strong wooden cabinets are worth saving. Do the following in order to change its look:

a) Hardware change: Replace pulls, knobs, hinges but ensure that the new hardware matches the kitchen’s interior.

b) Change doors: Replace the panels on cabinet doors using decorative filler panel options including metal or glass. You just need to cut the existing panel and route a lip on the back of the door to hold the new panel. You can sand and paint or stain the existing doors, or include metal frames, panels and glasses to enhance the look of your kitchen.

c) Paint: A paint coating can brighten up the old cabinets thus changing the entire look and feel of the kitchen.

d) Resurfacing: Cabinets look brand new with resurfacing. The cabinet doors, sunmica, handles and knobs along with the racks, can be resurfaced.

e) Add moldings: Quality of the plain cabinet fronts can be increased via wood moldings and trim.

Beautiful Kitchen in Luxury Home

How can you give a fresh lease of life to the kitchen floors?

a) Resurfacing: Existing wooden floor can be refinished by staining it with a different color or adding stenciled borders. Stone flooring can also be polished to bring back its luster.

b) Cover: In case of noisy and flat floor, you can cover linoleum or wood with a coating of paint, primer, sheet or a layer of stick down vinyl tiles.

COUNTERTOPS: Changing your kitchen’s countertops can entirely change the appearance of your kitchen. There are many affordable and better looking options available in the market. Whether it is a solid surface, granite, quartz or lamination, you can find a finish matching your budget and style. Thus, changes to the countertops can be made using the following methods:

a) Resurfacing: It is very simple to strip an old laminate countertop and install a new one. Ceramic tiles can also be installed over existing plywood. Aging Solid surface or stone countertop can be polished to remove the marks.

b) Addition of moldings: Molding can be added around the front edge to cover up a laminate countertop.

c) Replacing just a section: Instead of ripping out the whole countertop, go for a different material like chopping block into an existing part of the counter.

d) Adding a backsplash: If you are not in a mood to replace the countertops, then you can change the backsplash. Various choices available are: bead board, metal ceiling squares, laminates, ceramic or glass tiles.

Kitchen room with wooden storage combination and kitchen island
Kitchen room with wooden storage combination and kitchen island

What are the best ways to renovate your kitchen with good quality appliances?

a) Paint: Metallic surfaces can be painted by an appliance refinisher or an auto body shop for few dollars in case your expensive appliance or an antique has lost its luster. Porcelain stoves can be reporcelainized using an appliance or bathtub refinisher.

b) Resurfacing: Several Dishwashers and refrigerators are designed with frames to hold face panels mainly stainless steel or a wooden panel. Worktops arrangement, cook top appliance arrangement and edging are also some of the best ways in which you can conduct a hassle-free kitchen makeover.

Moreover, panel kits can be customized for any model of appliance. Replacements for burner plates, glass cooktops, used up stove knobs can be ordered from the manufacturer. You can click here to know more information about the best kitchen makeover.

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