How To Get Around During Your Trip Abroad

The best part of travelling is visiting places you have never been to before. Historical sights, tourist attractions and local culture are just a few things people travel abroad to see. But one thing that many forget to think about is how they are going to get to these places once they arrive. The sights you want to see may be difficult to get to or further away than you thought. This could result in you paying hefty prices to get there. But getting around while you are abroad can be easy and inexpensive if you plan ahead. Here are some popular modes of transportation used by tourists when travelling abroad.

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Rental Car

A Rental car with a Sat Nav is typically the most accessible and attractive option for tourists. But it doesn’t come without it’s risks. Driving in a foreign country can be scary and challenging. The road systems may be different and busier than what you are generally used to. It’s beneficial to find out exactly what the roads are like and which side of the road you should be on. That way you won’t be too surprised when you get there. Rental cars give you the freedom to go wherever you like, whenever you like. Always hire from quality suppliers such as Hotwire car rental and check the car and the insurance cover before you drive off. Also, ask your hotel staff or go online to find postcodes and addresses for sites that you want to visit.


Train rides will be dependent on the country you are travelling to. Some will have more advanced lines than others. If your destination has a brilliant rail network, take advantage and spend a day or your whole trip onboard. There are train passes and routes available that can allow you to see multiple destinations all at once. These can range from cities to untouched countryside. You again have the freedom to hop on and off as often as you please. Plan your route and that places you want to see along the way and enjoy the ride.


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Europe and Asia are renowned for being a big fan of travelling by bike. Major cities such as London and Amsterdam have bikes that are accessible to tourists during their visit and can be hired per day. It will give you the opportunity to see how the local get around and help you easily get you get to attractions quickly. Again research what the roads are like and determine if they are bike friendly. If you don’t feel comfortable riding a bike in a city, opt for countryside riding instead. You’ll see more of the country you are in and will keep you fit and active during your vacation.

So when you’re finding accommodation and booking flights, don’t forget to consider how you are going to get around while you are away. Researching what options are available in the destination you are travelling to is vital. Don’t make the mistake of leaving this essential planning till you get there. You may be missing out on deals and exciting modes of transport which will make your vacation, even more, memorable.


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