Quick & Easy Ratatouille

Quick & Easy Ratatouille

This Quick & Easy Ratatouille recipe is a guest blogger submission.

Quick & Easy Ratatouille

Aromatic herbs & beautiful fresh vegetables come together in this very hearty, super healthy Ratatouille which combines big flavour with simplicity. A perfect, quick & easy week night dinner!
There are many different ways to cook Ratatouille and some of the more traditional ways take a little while to make. One way to do it is to cook every one of the vegetables individually then layer them up and bake in the oven. Whilst I am sure the finished result is delicious, I wanted to bring to you a quick version which would combines the big flavours of aromatic herbs and fresh vegetables with simplicity for an easy and very healthy week night meal.

Sometimes the simplest meals are the best and that is certainly the case with ratatouille. It is great with rice, pasta, quinoa, couscous, as a topping for a baked potato or simply with fresh, crusty bread. It can also be served as a side and keeps really well in the fridge for three to four days where the flavours just keep getting better. We always end up arguing over who gets the leftovers! Read More

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