5 Reasons to Build a Personal Brand

build your own brand
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5 Reasons to Build a Personal Brand

build your own brand

This is episode 5 of Daily Social Tips. This is part of a larger series of daily social media and blogging tips that is running through 2016. In this episode we are giving you 5 Reasons to Build a Personal Brand. For all of our episodes, please visit this page.  I am rotating through Periscope (@dan330msp), Facebook, and Snapchat (chris.ashbach) to broadcast each day.

There are many people who blog, and many websites that aggregate or hire writers to make their content. There is nothing wrong with either of those in my opinion, but it isn’t the best option if you want to be a blogger or influencer yourself. If you want to make a living being a personality, you need to develop your personal brand.

This Periscope is about the top five reasons to develop a personal brand. Years ago, when I started blogging, I wish I had been on top of these things a little better, but with change that live streaming is bringing, I am jumping on this idea all out.

Enjoy the broadcast!

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Hey good afternoon, this is Chris Ashbach from dan330.com. And we are back with episode 5. January 5th we are doing a year-long series of daily social media or blogging tips. Today we are going to give the 5 top reasons to develop your personal brand. Hi Kerry! I am going to let people join in for a minute here. Thanks so much for joining us. If you are just joining why don’t you let me know where you are from. I am sitting here in cold Minnesota. We are looking at the snow, in fact just for a second here let me show you we have people that are just walking across ice, but it’s pretty much it. “Aww you are from Blaine, how are you?” So, you know what this is about. So I am going to talk about the top 5 reasons to develop your own personal brand. So I have been a blogger for years, we do this professionally now, and I am going to share a couple of tips that I wish I would of known when I had started. So first of all the number one. Is first thing I want to say is when you are a brand people develop tips with you not with your accounts. Ok this protects you from changing platforms, when was the last time that the biggest person on Myspace was ever in the news they are not because nobody uses it anymore. So you want to make sure that you are the brand, not your accounts because platforms will come and go but you won’t as long as you are here you’re good, ok. The second reason is that social medias are only licenses, all right so I am using Periscope right now, I have a license to use Periscope I don’t want my account, if they don’t like what I say they can delete me, protect yourself from that. The best way to do it is to build a relationship with you, then they will like you, they will follow you, they will find you on whatever platform you are at, ok. So I am doing this year long series in social media tips. Today is day 5 but I have been on 4 different platforms in 5 days. I live e on FB, I have been on Snapchat, I have been on Periscope, I’ve been on Blab, there might be more YouTube, but you may see me, or follow me. I use different platforms, the reason I have different audiences everywhere else. And I give my shpill for the day and if you like what I am saying hey you can go to my website and see the whole series. So if you like the whole series it’s dan330.co/live and you’ll see all of our topics. So that’s number 2. Number 3. Oh here is a question what is Blab, great question. Blab is my new favorite social media. Its blab.im they also have a great IPhone app, it works best on Chrome it’s still on beta mode. The idea for Blab was thought of in April. It’s like Google Hangouts but works 10 times better. So I host a show on there called Tasty Food Life, with Nick Evans from muchismo.com and we have a special guest on each week and we do a food demonstration. Now this week we are going to skip our show but I got a guest lined up for the next 7 weeks already and we will be making announcements and launching that very quickly. But basically we do food demonstrations we can have guest come out and they just talk about what they are doing. But we have our show that goes on 20 minutes to half an hour, and we just stand there and chat with people. So Blab is up to four people talking meaning live and people can comment and ask questions and things on the side If they don’t want to come on there. So if you watch us and want to come out, you are more than welcome come out and chat with us. So if you go on my front page dan33.com about two pages down, I invented our last blab, you can go watch it there but we’ve getting between 2,000 to 15,000 viewers a show. It’s brand new but we are early adapters and that’s what we do. So check that out. So number 3 being your own personal brand separates you from the sites of just aggregated contents or pay writers. I can go out there and get 5,000 they can be professionally done, really well done but if other people wrote them anybody else could have done the same thing.

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