Make A Media Kit | Daily Social Tips Ep. 7

One mistake I made early on when I started blogging was that I didn’t make a media kit. This was a huge mistake. I want to share why to make a media kit. Making a media kit did two things for me: First, it forced me to bring together everything I was doing and put it in paper and then place a value on it. Second, it communicates what I do for pay so that I can more easily get my own customers, sponsors, and advertisers.

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In this video, I explain why to make a media kit and give a couple really quick tips that are very inexpensive and will make your kit shine. If you like the app for stylized text, you can get Word Swag here. I also made this kit in Adobe InDesign. InDesign is a very intuitive and easy to use program. Between being able to drag and drop and then use Word Swag, I put this kit together in literally like 10 hours. Here’s a link to the kit if you want to see what I put in mine.