Understand Content Trends | Daily Social Tips Ep 9

I want you to understand content trends when planning out your content. One of the biggest mistakes I made starting out as a blogger was not taking the time to understand trends. In this video, I tell a story about how our first year blogging we were about four months behind the curve for a whole gardening season. We are from Minnesota, and while we were out snowmobiling, the South, (where most of our readers are) were starting their gardens for the year. By the time we were posting gardening posts, they were already harvesting. But there is much more than just understanding the big trends like this and holidays. You should also know what is trending in the short term. Traffic is affected quite a bit by certain things that can be hot for a week or so, and then be over.

An example of this would be the post I did yesterday that was simply a walk with my dog that attracted over a hundred live viewers. I turned that into a blog post, which in turn also did very well. So today, I am going to play on that story and go visit a large snow sculpture that my neighbors made. Stay tuned!

The point is to understand the trends and write and serve your content into them.

This is part of a year long series on daily social media and blogging tips. Make sure to follow me on Periscope at @dan330msp, on Snapchat at chris.ashbach, and of course, all of the episodes are available on my blog here.

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