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install wordpress
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install wordpress

This post is part of a short series on how to start a blog. The second step to staring your blog is to install WordPress. With your new Bluehost account, it is as easy as one click. (If you didn’t read about getting a Bluehost account, start with this article.)

First, log into your Bluehost account.

This is your home screen, I circled the Install WordPress button. Just click and it will install it for you.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.19.36 AM

If you have any problem at all, the tech support is great and they will be able to help you. Just click on “help” on the top menu bar. You can call or live chat with them 24/7.

The install takes some time, so don’t worry if it seems like things are frozen. Just come back in a a little bit. At the end of the install, it will ask you for login credentials for your WordPress site. Just give an email and a secure password. WordPress has a very easy to use password recovery via email so make sure you use an email that you can easily access in the future.

When the install is done, you can go to your new domain and then type “/wp-admin” this is your login to your site. It will look like this

This is where you will be logging in from now on so consider bookmarking this in your browser.

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