Why Transcribe Video

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why transcribe video

Why Transcribe Video

I am going to give you three reasons to transcribe video. It is only a little bit of work to do yourself or you can hire someone else to do it. I use Genres publishing. They do everything from blogs to books. You can see them here. I just got my first batch back from them and I had over 15,000 words! That’s a lot of searchable text!

Here’s the first reason why you should transcribe. It is very good for SEO and it is more user friendly for your readers. On the SEO front, it give a lot of text for the google bots to rank and makes your posts longer. Also, you can put the transcribed video in your YouTube description so that the videos are more easily found by search on YouTube.

Second, the usability of your site is important too. Sometimes readers can’t have the volume on to listen to you. Other times, people prefer to read.

Finally, people like quoting. By giving them something they can copy and paste, you are more easily shared and quoted.

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