Honey Almond Crepes

Honey Almond Crepes

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Honey Almond Crepes

Irresistibly delicate, nutty and sweet, these honey almond crepes make me weak at the knees every single time I make them. And that tangy honey whipped cream is an icing on the cake!

You don’t need any special equipment. Forget about crepe pan, your regular non-stick pan will do just fine. Make sure it’s scolding hot when you’re ready to fry your crepes though. That’s my #1 tip for perfectly thin crepes.

Dairy-free, nutty and oh-so-fragrant, thanks to almond extract. Don’t you just love the nutty delicious almond extract?? I simply adore the stuff! Be sure to use only the specified amount, as it can be quite potent.

Plus, I love how honey adds not only sweetness, but also slight floral notes. Of course, it depends on type of honey you’re using. I highly recommend using raw honey though. The best stuff!

Honey Almond Crepes

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