Chinese pork & cabbage dumplings


Chinese pork & cabbage dumplings

This Chinese pork & cabbage dumplings recipe is a guest blogger submission.

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, I got to thinking about having dumplings and it seemed only right to make some, even if my dumpling-making skills are a bit rusty. Many foods traditionally eaten for New Year are because their name sounds similar to another word which they are then taken to symbolize, eg ‘fish’ in Chinese sounds like ‘surplus’. Dumplings, on the other hand, are believed to bring wealth as their shape is similar to silver ingots. Whatever your belief, these pork and cabbage dumplings are a variation of one of the most common dumplings eaten for New Year and with good reason, as they are so delicious. True, they are not quite as easy as some other dishes, but they are still not that difficult and you soon get in the swing of things. Plus if you opt for ready-made dumpling wrappers as I did it definitely gives a head start in making them look a bit better. Mind you, how they look is only aesthetics, after all – as soon as you start eating these you won’t mind if they don’t look perfect as they are so tasty.

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