Make Sure Your Sofa Doesn’t Let You Down

Make Sure Your Sofa Doesn’t Let You Down

What does your sofa say about you? Whether you like it or not, when you bring her back to your bachelor pad you are giving her an opportunity to figure out what kind of man you really are. It’s an opportunity she can’t help but take. It’s important that your home says the right things about you – are you into sports? Intellectual? Do you make a reasonable amount? Translated: can she depend on you? Can you look after her? The focal point of your living area is the sofa, so it’s important that it sends the right message.

Make Sure Your Sofa Doesn't Let You Down


Old and Worn Out

You can take her to the best restaurants, make sure your suit is perfect and your shoes smart. But as soon as you take her home to relax on your rickety old sofa that whole image is destroyed. Also, these mixed signals may warn her not to trust you. Are you the smart man who has his life together, or are you secretly a lazy layabout eating leftover pizza for breakfast in the early afternoons?

Comfy and homely

A much better option than old and worn out, a comfy and snug sofa sends a message that she is safe with you – that she can relax and trust you. Think fabric coverings, good quality cushions, and mugs of hot chocolate. Be warned, though: although you may succeed in making her feel at home, you may lose some of your macho charisma by forsaking a more masculine look.

Old School Chic

The opposite feel to comfy and homely, try going for something with more gravitas. This will definitely highlight your masculinity, and send a message that you are a traditional man who knows how to treat a lady. Leather finishes are great – they tell her to expect luxury and decadence – but they also say you are dependable and long lasting (!) Take inspiration from Victorian furnishings, with their rich block colours and studded leather.

The Holy Grail

The best of all worlds. A sofa that is both masculine and comfortable. That showcases you as the modern man that you are, but also speaks to all women’s unspoken desire to be protected and cared for as they used to be. You want a sofa that will let her know that you respect her and her independence, but also that she can depend on you. Look for clean lines and neutral colours. Take a look at these designer sofas by

Keep it clean!

Once you’ve found your perfect sofa, make sure you give it it’s chance to shine! Nobody wants to Netflix and Chill with a remote digging into their back – make sure to keep it clear of debris. Keep cushions and soft furnishings to a minimum – a cluttered room suggests a cluttered life, and you don’t want to scare her away. Make sure that the room isn’t too busy and distracting – stick to simple framed pictures and clean-feeling wall covers. Let the sofa do the talking for you.


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