How To Create The Best-Looking House On The Street

How To Create The Best-Looking House On The Street


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We all like to take pride in our homes, but it’s not always easy to find the time. But, wouldn’t it be fantastic to own the best-looking house on the street? We all have an unspoken competition with our neighbours, right? Today, I’m outlining all the best ways to boost the curb-appeal of your home. We’re talking about the front yard, and the main aspect of your property. With a couple of small tweaks, you can actually add a ton of value to the house too. So, whether you’re looking to sell, or just looking to settle into a beautiful house, keep reading.

Repaint or replace the door and features

The front door is the centrepiece of your property. It adds balance and symmetry to the home, and it’s the first thing that draws your eye. With that in mind, you’re looking to make sure it stands out, and looks brand new. One option is simply repainting the woodwork. That will hide any cracks and damages, and breathe new life into it. You can also take the opportunity to replace the letterbox, number, and door knob with shiny new alternatives. If the door is beyond repair, simply install a new one, and instantly change the look of the house.

Keep the lawn in check

If you’re lucky enough to have a front yard, don’t let the grass get too wild and unmanageable. Keep it neat and trim with bi-weekly cuts. It doesn’t take much effort to keep this looking smart, so it’s well worth the effort. Take this chance to pull up any weeds (get them right down at the root for best results). And, don’t forget to use a strimmer to keep those edges perfect. Lastly, spread some grass fertilizer over the lawn to help make it look fresh and green. (This is particularly important during the winter).

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Replace the windows

Some older properties still have single glazing windows, and wooden frames. These instantly make the home look shabby and outdated. By upgrading the windows to modern, double-glazed alternatives, you boost the aesthetic value of the home. The guys at Innovative Home Concepts, Inc. also tell us that new windows will save money on bills. Why? Because double glazing is much better at keeping the heat in. Not only that, but it looks cleaner and more modern.

Repaint the siding

Siding is the wooden panelling on the side of your house. Not all homes have this feature, but if yours does, make sure you keep it clean and painted. It only takes a little weathering to start peeling the paint, and damaging the woodwork. It will quickly look outdated if you don’t stay on top of things. A simple paint job once a year should keep this in check.

Refit the pathways

Finally, make sure the pathway and paving is free from cracks and damage. It’s cheaper than you might think to replace the paving slabs, and it will make an enormous difference. If there are any weeds creeping through, be sure to dig them out, and cover over the holes.

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