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tips for images

Pinterest is a huge part of our content strategy. We know exactly how important excellent images are. But images are important regardless of the platform. It just makes sense that engagement is much higher with great images. I want to share a few tips for images to maximize traffic.

Images are THE thing people see and consider first. Make sure you can tell your story about your content with your first image. It will help time on site, traffic, and sharing.

Here are a couple quick tips, I talk more about them in the video.

  1. It can be very effective to add text. But not if the text looks poor or intrudes on the picture.
  2. Do use color, but we have found yellow does not do well.
  3. Tastefully watermark your work in case something goes viral. You want to brand yourself every time. But, DO NOT make your watermark overly intrusive. Don’t brand something that is ruined by your own brand. That is just dumb.
  4. DO NOT use copyright symbols. The point of making content is for it to be shared!

We put some examples of images that do great for us here

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