DIY birdhouse out of milk carton

DIY birdhouse out of milk carton

This diy birdhouse project is a guest blogger submission.

DIY birdhouse out of milk carton

Do you have a cute flock of birds in your back yard? Give them something more to chirp about with this Easy DIY Birdhouse that you can make out of an used milk carton!

his birdhouse is not only useful for our little buddies but it’s a nice pop of color in the back yard. And it doesn’t get any easier than this! Just use an old milk carton instead of throwing it away (great recycling idea by the way!), cut a hole for the door, paint it in colors of choice, decorate if you will, add some straws or hay if you have any and hang in a tree.

These little birdhouses make great gift ideas too, for friends and family members who are big fans of nature and recycling. You can even use them as home decor to brighten up your house of give a rustic touch to a room. It’s also a wonderful project to make with little ones, especially if they’re into painting and crafting as my little girl is. Just use acrylic paint that is kid friendly and make sure you help them with cutting the holes or supervise the older kids when doing so.

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