How to Make an Ombre Rosette Cake

How to Make an Ombre Rosette Cake


When planning our daughter’s first birthday (you can read all about her party here), the pièce de résistance was going to be her cake. In fact, this wasn’t the first cake that we tried to make. It was the third.  We wanted it to be just right and contemplated what style would work best.


The first cake we tried making was similar to the final product, but was made with a fondant coating and alternating layers of pink and white cake inside. It was nice, but it just didn’t convey the whimsical theme we were trying to achieve. It was flat and too “wedding-ish” but still delicious.  The second cake was covered with rosettes in a single pale pink color, and it worked, but was still a bit lackluster.


We knew that we were going to use a soft color palette and it was going to be a range of light pink and blush, so I got it in my head that we were going to try and do an ombré rosette cake.  The only problem was, we had never done a cake like this before and it seemed a little intimidating.

We didn’t have a cake at our wedding, but had we known it was this easy, we may have made one ourselves!

It didn’t turn out perfect, but somehow that made it fit even more with the vintage party theme.  And let’s face it, no one is going to judge how a cake looks as long as it tastes delicious and comes with a side of ice cream!

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