Canyonlands National Park Utah

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The road from the visitor center towards the Grand Point Overlook is fairly lush and green compared to the scenery on either side of the road.

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This really is a magical place with amazing views everywhere you turn.

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At the Grand Point Overlook there is an amazing panorama of canyons and river valleys.

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Because we planned to visit Arches National Park in the afternoon we only got to the northern area of Canyonlands. To be honest it was really hot while we were there and I don’t think we would have enjoyed another day.

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Green Rivier Valley
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Looking South

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 2.16.42 PMIf you are planning to visit this area keep in mind that the summer months can get very hot. This park is very popular with hikers and bicyclists and certain parks of the park require permits. Many campgrounds require reservations. Plan ahead. Don’t be disappointed when you get here.

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One last look back on the way to Arches National Park

We noticed lots of Europeans in Moab during our stay. This is a popular area of the USA for them to visit. I don’t always suggest getting reservations ahead of time, but there is just not many towns in this part of Utah and there are several National Parks which draw lots of people. We could only find a room for two nights on our trip.

Captain Dan’s Tips.

Visit on the shoulder seasons. Fewer people, nicer weather and the rates are more reasonable.

If you plan on hiking and biking, bring plenty of water. The distances out west can be very deceiving. It can be a much longer hike than it looks.

The southern area of the park has more restrictions. Plan ahead to see if you will need permits and/ or reservations.



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