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I had the chance to review the IntelliGLASS screen protector sponsored by IntelliARMOR. I was paid to write this post, but the opinions are my own.


I am a blogger and do a lot of outdoors gardening, fishing, and play with my kids. Frankly, all my equipment from my camera to my phone gets used hard. I don’t usually do product reviews for this kind of product, but the IntelliGLASS screen protector made a lot of sense to protect my iPhone.


To me, what you want in a screen protector is something small, easy to use, and something you don’t ever notice while still keeping the screen fully functioning. I found the IntelliGLASS protector to do all of these things.

I put a short video showing how easy it was to apply the screen protector to the phone and give you a couple thoughts about the product. You can watch that video here, or read on below.

To apply the screen protector, simply clean your screen, wash your hands, and then continue these steps:

  1. Remove the protective film from the intelliGLASS and line it up with your phone.
  2. Press in the center and work the intelliGLASS out toward the edges.
  3. If there are any bubbles, us the squeegee card with the microfiber cloth wrapped around it to push any bubbles to the edge.

It’s that easy! Within seconds, the screen crystal clear and you couldn’t even tell if there was anything covering the screen. I was able to use the product for a few days before writing this post. I found the intelliGLASS to work great. It didn’t smudge, the touch controls worked great, and it went in and out of my pocket many many times without ever catching, or coming undone.

Make sure you check out the intelliARMOR and let then know you read our review!

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