Add Charm to Your Newer Home with Door Handles

Add Charm to Your Newer Home with Door Handles

For any kind of home, features of door handles play very important role. You need to check functional as well as aesthetic sense while looking for different styles of handles for doors. Where can you find good door handles? Online stores, department stores, hardware stores etc are different sources from where you can buy handles for your doors. Good quality door handles not only give a more stylish look to your home, but they also complement any background style of your home decor. People also choose door handles based on the locking system that they need. Door handles which do not have locks, for instance, are more suitable for passageways and kitchens. Different types of door knobs can be found in different shapes like square, oval, round, diamond etc.

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Different styles in which you can find door handles:

  1. The knocker-style handles:
    Door handles with the combination of knocker – In this style of door handle you can find different designs related to animal heads and sometimes this style can prove to be complicated to use.
  2. Lever handle:
    You can find this type of handle in online market in simple as well as decorative designs.
  3. Crash bars :
    Crash bar style is used for entrance door knob that is generally required in huge buildings or places with emergency exits. This style is not suitable for residential purpose. If you need door handles in particular design and style then select the novelty style because it is available in several themes and designs in market. Whichever style you select, ensure that it meets your purpose.

When it comes to door handle material, you can look out for different materials like:
Wood handle for door
In market today you can find this type of door handle in hardwoods as well as rosewoods. The type of wood that is used to make the handles is the deciding factor about the price of the handle. Moreover, perforated varieties of wood, as well as solid woods can be used to make the handles.

Glass handles for door
Glass handles are purchased because they can give very beautiful look to your door. Acrylic is also apart from glass to create handles for your doors, furniture, kitchen cabinets etc. Crystal door handles are available in market in several colors.

Stainless steel handles for door
Do you know that stainless steel is hardwearing material? If no, then essentially you need to know some details about it. You can find many designer products with rustic fittings for residential as well as commercial purpose in stainless steel material.

Nylon handles for door
Do you know that Nylon in the material that can produce heat? Yes it is warn to touch and at the same time is also comfortable to use. It is quiet strong material and can be found in bright colors. Nylon door handles are also considered to be hygienic.

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Aluminum handles for door

If you need affordable option when it comes to door handles then you can look out for the product created using aluminum material. Such handles have long life. You can find them in varieties of designs. It is lightweight and recyclable material. You can find handles created using aluminum material that are resistant to corrosion and can also offer free maintenance. Nowadays in market you can also find handles with metals like silver and glazed titanium.

There are several factors to consider before you purchase door handles for your home or office. Look out for the price and also see whether the handles can be operated by elderly people and children at home. It is also important to buy those handles which are rust-free and which last for long. Style is another important factor, as you will notice, for example, that antique door handles do not fit into contemporary doors.

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