Irish Butter Cookies

Irish Butter Cookies


You’ve heard the expression “It’s better with butter”, you can now add Irish to this old saying. Am I exaggerating? No! Irish butter cookies will prove this to you. Irish butter cookies are to die for! They will literally melt in your mouth, thanks to the magic of Kerrygold butter. No this is not a sponsored post!

Irish butter cookies is a delicious recipe that comes via my mother in law’s friend,  Judy. So, why do you have to use Irish butter? Well, because otherwise the texture will not be the same. You see, Irish butter has a higher quality with less water and more fat content.  This not only means that the cookies will taste better, but that their texture will also be creamier. Another reason why Irish butter tastes better?  Cows are only grass fed and not grain fed, as I witnessed on a recent trip to Ireland. It makes a huge difference in the flavor!

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