Turkish Style Rack of Lamb

Turkish Style Rack of Lamb

Turkish Style Rack of Lamb is a savory alternative to the more commonly flavored rack of lamb we are accustomed to. The pairing of the spicy seasoning blend combined with the tangy flavor of the yogurt and the bright flavor of the mint is pleasingly flavorful to say the least. Lamb is usually the meat of choice in Turkish cuisine. If you are  not fond of lamb, you can certainly adapt this recipe to chicken or beef. I developed this recipe after reading a book on Turkish cuisine and travel given to me by my dear friend Teslime, a once Fullbright student at the university where I work. Since I will not have the good fortune of going to Turkey in the foreseeable future, I decided to bring Turkey to me for the time being.  Turkey has multiple culinary influences,  not only due to its geographical location as a bridge between two continents (Europe and Asia) but once also as a key part of the commercial route known as the Spice Road
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