3 Rules Regarding The Meals During The Day

3 Rules Regarding The Meals During The Day


Question number 1: What should I eat during the day so the body receives the necessary nutrients?

Food that we eat during the day should meet the needs of the body for energy, building and protective substances. But what we need to take care of, is that the food should be selected with adequate proportions of quantity and quality.

It is essential the amount of sugar should be limited, as well as industrial produced food.


There are seven basic food groups, and in order our body get everything it needs for normal daily function, should be used at least one food from each group.

The biological value depends on the content of energy, the building and protective substances, as well as their quantitative relations. It is best to separate the daily needs into several smaller meals so will improve the work of the intestinal system to distribute the energy equally during the day…(read more)

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